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Be a part of the conversation!

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    • Who's ready for a #1DPicOfTheWeek?! Check out the guys backstage at the @yougeneration launch last Wed! 1DHQ x pic.twitter.com/efMSwFzoIe
    • US Directioners! Today's the day - the US KCAs are here! Help the boys win 'Favorite Music Group' by tweeting...
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Question of the Week!

brought to you by Honey Maid

What do most of the 1D boys like to do on their days off?

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Answer: sleep

You can't blame them after performing for several hours most nights!

  • walk around the city
  • work out
  • sleep
  • just relax
Parent's Lounge

Make Your Kids

Feel Like 1D VIPs

Whether you're going to see 1D live in concert or
having a 1D dance party at home, here are some
easy and fun ideas for a night your kids will love.

  • VIP Entrance

    Make your own celebrity-style entrance! First, download the pdf here. Then print it out, tape it up, and snap some paparazzi style pics of your VIP kids.

    Wall of Fame:

    Help your kids channel their 1D passion onto the walls of their rooms with the following tips that will make their creation a bona fide masterpiece!

    • Add a bulletin board. Save your drywall and add some order to the chaos. Plus, it will elevate the look of their artwork!
    • MAGAZINES! Scour a bookstore or pharmacy for teen or pre-teen mags with 1D inside. Once home, cut out the pages and pics for their collage!
    • STICKERS! Use letter stickers to personalize their 1D décor. They come in all sizes and colors so your kids can spell out anything they want!
    • Photo fun. Cut and paste photos of your kids alongside pics of 1D to make it look like they're posing together. Try it out digitally for free in the Nabisco 1DVIP App's photo booth!

    Fan Fashion Statements

    Get your kids personalizing their own 1D fan-wear.

    • Head to any big-box store for plain color tees and permanent markers & paint pens for decorating.
    • If you're feeling adventurous, cut off the collar or cut fringes at the bottom of the tee. To cut fringes, start at the bottom and cut 1-inch wide, six-inch tall vertical strips all the way around the shirt. Your kids will feel like real rock stars!
    • Once the tee is ready, first have your kids write their messages and designs in light pencil, then go back over it with markers and pens for fewer slipups.

    1D Trivia

    Test your kids' knowledge of their favorite band.

    • Search around online for One Direction trivia—there's a lot out there!
    • Once you have enough questions gathered, line up your kids or put them on teams and get ready to play game show host.
    • Ask one question at a time, keep track of the score, and get ready to be shocked at how much your kids know!
  • Are you lucky enough to be chaperoning your kids to see One Direction live in concert? Here are some tips to maximize everyone's enjoyment.

    Pre-concert prep.

    Create as much fun for your kids as possible. Encourage them by supplying posters and tees to decorate and bring along. Let them dress and accessorize however they want! This is a once in a lifetime event, so have a blast.

    Get to the venue early.

    The energy will be amazing, and there will be plenty to do between fan activities, merch tents, and concessions. Make sure to keep an eye out for Nabisco while you're there! We'll be supplying snacks, and you might even get to upgrade your seat on us… who knows!

    Buy lots of water.

    Or bring your own if the venue allows. You'll be surprised how dehydrated your little ones can get jumping and dancing to the music.

    Don't forget a camera.

    This is a must! It's also fun to bring back the old disposable version. Your kids will have a blast with them, and it keeps the concert fun going later when you get your photos developed.

    Get into the music.

    Your kids are having the time of their lives, and they want to see you enjoying yourself too! You'll score major cool points by having a little fun. So dance, shout, and shake everything you've got. Chaperones deserve to let loose too!


  • Get up to speed on your kids' favorite band.

    1D History

    Meet Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Two years ago, these five boys were each competing as individuals on the biggest TV show in the UK. During the show, the joined together to form one amazing band. Now, thanks to millions of loyal fans and two albums of killer songs, One Direction has become a global phenomenon!

    Fun Facts

    - Niall is the lone Irishman in the group
    - Zayn can't swim
    - Liam took boxing lessons as a kid
    - Harry once worked at a bakery
    - Louis is the oldest of six with five younger sisters


    Up All Night, released March 2012
    It topped the charts in sixteen countries and has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Went straight to number one on the United States, selling 176,000 copies in its first week, making One Direction the first British group in US chart history to achieve this feat with their debut album.

    Take Me Home, released November 2012
    Sold over one million copies worldwide in its first week of release.


    Up All Night yielded four singles "What Makes You Beautiful" debuted at number one in the UK and sold 153,965 copies in its first week.
    "Gotta Be You" was the album's second single and peaked on both the Irish and UK Singles Charts at number three.
    "One Thing" hit the top ten in the UK and the peaked at number 39 in the US.
    "More Than This" rounded out the singles from the 1D debut album.

    The lead single from Take Me Home, "Live While We're Young" zoomed to worldwide success, peaking in the top ten in almost every country it charted. In the US, "Live While We're Young" debuted at number 3, sold 341,000 downloads in its first week, and hit number one on the Digital Songs chart.

    "Little Things" was released in the UK and Ireland as the second single, becoming One Direction's fifth top ten appearance and second number-one hit in the UK. "Kiss You" is chosen as the second US single of Take Me Home.

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